New Server For China

2016-01-12 22:53:33(GMT+08:00)

If you are the country's choice of a Power Station is China,then view the data later, please log in to

http://server-cn.growatt.com.Growatt will automatically transfer the data logger to the new server for you.

Late will support more countries, please look forward to.

为了浏览速度的提高,我们为中国用户创建了一个新的服务器,http://server-cn.growatt.com,采集器将自动转移到新的服务器。 其它国家我们将在稍后支持。若您需要使用APP浏览,请点击APP主界面上 关于-设置服务器地址 将地址修改为http://server-cn.growatt.com

GROWATT ShineServer Administrator
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